✈ Land a New Career: Aircraft Maintenance Professionals Needed

Hello, everyone. We hope that you are doing well.

Real quick…

The STS Line Maintenance and STS Aviation Services‘ teams are hiring across the United States and the United Kingdom. Our entire organization has increased pay rates universally in an effort to attract top-tier talent.

A few things to keep in mind before you apply…

  1. We are unable to sponsor work visas at this time.
  2. You must be authorized to work for any employer in the United States (U.S. Jobs) or the United Kingdom (U.K. Jobs). We apologize, but there are no exceptions to this right now.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, click on one of the links below to see what’s available and to apply online in less than 60 seconds.

Line Maintenance: https://www.ststechnicaljobs.com/line-maintenance-careers/ 
Base Maintenance: https://www.ststechnicaljobs.com/aircraft-maintenance-jobs-melbourne-florida/
AOG Recovery: https://www.ststechnicaljobs.com/tank-tigers-jobs/
U.K. Base / Line Maintenance: https://www.ststechnicaljobs.com/sts-aviation-services-jobs/ 

There are a ton of opportunities to explore within each link, and again, every job listed is for STS Line Maintenance or STS Aviation Services; meaning these are not contract roles for other organizations but rather internal positions within our family of companies.

If you have questions about pay and / or benefits, please call 1-800-359-4787 ext. 9176 (United States). 

If you have questions about positions in the United Kingdom, that number is +44 (0) 7704 552390.

Thanks for your time, and best of luck in your search.

STS Aviation Services
1-800-359-4787 ext. 9176