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STS Technical Services is ranked as a Top 100 staffing firm in the United States.
We focus on delivering workforce management, MSP and RPO solutions
across the aerospace, manufacturing, defense and industrial industries.

The STS Technical Services Belief

For all of us at STS Technical Services, the work we do starts with a belief in an obligation. Our client partnerships create the obligation we live by, and we do whatever it takes to meet the demands of those who look to us to supplement their workforce management needs. In turn, the investments we make in these partnerships — not the other way around — sets us apart from the competition. Once obliged, our team will not rest until your company’s demands are met. Simple. Effective. Affordable. That’s what STS Technical Services is all about. Click the button below now to contact our Business Development team.

Highly-trained recruitment team

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Amazing talent selection

Complete Workforce Management Solutions

Hiring is hard. There’s no way around it. From sourcing to screening, verifying to on-boarding, the sheer amount of time, energy and resources it takes to find your next great employee is staggering. Not to worry, however, STS Technical Services is here to help make workforce management easy.

At STS Technical Services, our team of seasoned recruitment professionals excel and creating, customizing and executing end-to-end workforce management, MSP and RPO programs for businesses across the aerospace, industrial, manufacturing and defense industries.

In short, if you’re looking to offload even a small portion of your team’s hiring, STS Technical Services can help find, on-board and mange the top-notch professionals your company depends on to keep flying. Click the button below now to build a better workforce with STS!

Our Tools & Proprietary Technology

In order to remain successful as a workforce management group, STS Technical Services needs to stay on the forefront of recruitment technology. Knowing this, our team spares no expense when it comes developing in-house tools that help our Recruiters work faster and smarter to meet your business needs. In addition to the enterprise-level software we’ve created, STS Technical Services advertises client positions all over the Internet and has a unique relationship with Google that helps generate increased job search results online.

STS Technical Services has also built a custom jobs board (this website) that generates more than 5,000 inbound applications per month. And when you couple our internal and external tools together with highly trained recruitment and executive teams, what you are left with is an amazing selection of talent to supplement your company’s workforce management needs.