An Ode to Aircraft Mechanics: An STS Technical Services’ Poem

In hangars vast, where engines roar,

Aircraft mechanics toil and soar.

With wrench in hand and oil-stained grace,

They navigate each metal space.


They battle bolts that won’t let go,

And tackle leaks that like to flow.

With puzzled brows and sleeves rolled high,

They never fear to touch the sky.


Oh, the tales they tell of nuts and screws,

And how they chase that last oil ooze.

From dawn ’til dusk, they work their might,

To keep those planes in flawless flight.


They dance with wires, cables too,

As grease and grime become their hue.

They whisper secrets to each part,

And mend the pieces of the heart.


The tools they wield, both old and new,

Are like an orchestra’s every cue.

With hammer’s beat and ratchet’s song,

They fix what’s broken, right the wrong.


Noisy engines, jets that scream,

Are like the soundtrack to their dream.

They troubleshoot with furrowed brows,

While jet fuel scents their work-worn clothes.


And when the skies are clear and bright,

They watch their birds take off in flight.

With gleaming eyes, they wave goodbye,

Their hands creating pathways to the sky.


So here’s to you, mechanics bold,

With stories countless, yet untold.

You keep us soaring, safe and sound,

As you work your magic all around.